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What You Should Know About Zika Virus – An Illustrated Public Health Poster

02.15.2016 by Michael Linkinhoker
What You Should Know About Zika Virus poster

Since early 2015, Zika virus transmission and infection has spread through the western hemisphere with great speed and surprise. Much of the fear being centered around the possibility that a typically mild infection can have more severe complications for pregnant women and their unborn children.

Though this virus was first discovered in Uganda, east-central Africa, in 1947, it has remained relatively unknown until recently. This relative obscurity piqued our interest to create a good visual information asset that summarizes the main aspects of Zika virus infection, such as understanding the virus, the forms of transmission, the symptoms of infection, the potential complications, and the locations around the world where there is active transmission of Zika virus. We understand from our experience that showing the public dynamic, well researched, and accurate visual medical and health information (specifically medical and scientific patient education illustrations), will lead to greater understanding and retention of the health information. So, for example, rather than listing the symptoms, we want to show the variety of common symptoms so to better communicate to those people in affected areas. The public needs good accurate information to better protect themselves and their families against Zika virus.

Medical and scientific illustration, while commonly thought of in illustrated textbooks, can be a powerful tool to reach the public in times of health related emergencies. These can be used to help explain medical information in a easily accessible and retained manner. Which is important when trying to build support and knowledge of new dangers in the public health realm.

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