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Designed to Inform. Informed by Design.

Designed to Inform. Informed by Design.

The process we use to achieve a more informed audience.
The result we obtain through designing with intent.

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What We Do

Link Studio creates intuitive visual solutions to illuminate information that motivates, guides, compels and inspires your audience to learn more and go further. We achieve this by taking you on our VISUAL PATHWAY.

The Result?

Audiences who are deeply connected with and informed by your subject matter.

Visual Pathway

How we do what we do, differently

Link Studio has developed the VISUAL PATHWAY to make the USER EXPERIENCE (UX) into an intentional experience, rather than something that is often passive and left to chance.

The VISUAL PATHWAY is a dynamic, informed, and audience-centric design methodology that leverages scientific, behavioral and design best practices to build an intuitive-directive experience. The result is a higher level of engagement with the audience who interact with the content in a way that is best suited to their needs.

Link Studio is at the intersection of scientific, behavioral, and design best practices. Our design is informed, and we design to inform starting with these essential steps to begin the journey on the VISUAL PATHWAY.

  • Step 1 – Audience

    How do we begin to understand what motivates your audience? What do they already know? What do they want and need to do? Informed design starts with understanding the audience. The answers to these questions guide the informed design strategy, the substance of what’s included, and what’s not.

  • Step 2 – Client

    What do you want your audience to understand? What action do you want them to take? How do you want them to feel? Don’t leave it to chance. Together we can formulate a meaningful experience.

  • Step 3 – Link Studio

    Where does science and art intersect? Where does visual storytelling come alive? Where do users move effortlessly? Link Studio. We elevate information to something that is not just utilitarian, but designed intentionally, designed to remember.

  • Final – Results

    What happens when we distill these essential elements? What happens when Link Studio becomes the catalyst? A reaction takes place where the result is a highly customized solution.

Why is now the time?

Today’s mobile-equipped audiences are always-connected and highly informed. When they choose to spend their valuable time, money and energy visiting your web site, infographic, exhibit or display, they expect instant, intuitive access to that information, content, or goods and services. If it’s not available instantly and intuitively, they will abandon, and likely not return.

Link Studio designs so that your audience knows exactly the actions they need to take to meaningfully connect and interact with your content, all with the goal of driving greater engagement.

Our Work

The key to our success is our passion for creative work. We relish the unique challenge that every project provides. Browse our samples of work to see what we have accomplished while imagining what we can create for you.