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Motor Stereotypies & You

Motor Stereotypies & You Logo Motor Stereotypies and You Logo

Motor Stereotypies & You Logo

The logo was developed to combine the dual interests of the tradition and excellence of Johns Hopkins Medicine with a friendly pediatric patient point-of-view.

Motor Stereotypies & You was developed to increase the outreach and to provide better basic information for patients and their families that have motor stereotypies. Also known as primary complex motor stereotypies (CMS). CMS is a poorly understood disorder associated with rhythmic, repetitive, fixed, purposeful but purposeless movements that stop with distraction. Families and children have access to a quarterly newsletter and videos that touch on subjects of import for the newly diagnosed, such as “What are Motor Stereotypies?”, “How Does Someone Get Motor Stereotypies?”, and “Am I the Only Person in the World with Motor Stereotypies.”